Sualoo Driver is your trusted companion for a seamless and rewarding driving experience. Designed with both drivers and passengers in mind, this app puts you in control, helping you maximize your earnings and efficiency while providing top-notch service.


Key Features and Goals

  1. Driver-Centric Dashboard: Sualoo Driver offers an intuitive dashboard where you can manage your trips, view earnings, and set your availability effortlessly.

  2. Precise Navigation: Navigate with ease using our integrated GPS system. Reach your passengers promptly and choose the most efficient routes.

  3. Real-Time Trip Management: Accept or decline trip requests based on your schedule and preferences. Enjoy flexibility in your work hours.

  4. Secure Payments: Receive payments securely through the app, with options for cashless transactions, ensuring a hassle-free payout process.

  5. Driver Ratings: Maintain your reputation with a driver rating system. Deliver exceptional service to earn positive reviews.

  6. 24/7 Support: Access dedicated customer support around the clock to address any questions or concerns promptly.

Experience Sualoo Driver:

Experience the future of ride-sharing with Sualoo Driver. Join our community of drivers who are taking control of their careers and enjoying the freedom of flexible work hours.

Share Your Vision:

Sualoo Driver is more than just a ride-sharing app; it’s a partner in your journey to success. With a user-friendly interface, reliable navigation, and responsive support, we empower drivers to provide exceptional service and maximize their earnings.


  • Flutter
  • Andriod/IOS
  • JAVA
  • Andriod Studio
  • Graphic Design

Price Range

1000$ to 2500$


Great Job Done, works with me patiently and we are able to complete the application, I have already hired him for another job.
Elvis O. @elvisonyeneke